Rapid & Instant Inductions

Imagine being able to help your clients go into hypnosis quickly

  • Learn at least 6 rapid inductions
  • Learn at least 2 instant inductions
  • Learn how to quickly have your client go into hypnosis online and face to face
  • Certified course
  • 1 day interactive training, worldwide in our online learning centre
  • Plus 2 evening (UK time) practice sessions
  • Small class size
  • Bonus Ego Strengthening Audio for you to keep

On this training you will learn:

  • A minimum of 6 rapid inductions (less than 4 minutes)
  • A minimum of 2 instant inductions
  • How to do inductions face2face and online

You will Discover:


Reasons for choosing faster inductions


Client types that are suitable/unsuitable


How faster inductions can be done anywhere, any time


How much more time you have for therapy work


How much more fun faster inductions are


How confident you look doing these inductions and how it brings you more clients

More Details

To make this course accessible to all we will be holding the training online, live in our Zoom room. This is a great opportunity because so many Hypnotists are now seeing their clients over Zoom that by learning the course online will already have you using the techniques in a way that you will want to be using them with clients. Of course for those who will be working with clients face to face Beryl will also be covering that element too.

We will also be recording this training, this will allow you to review the course content over and over again for the next 12 months. We do require you to attend the training live on the day to be able to issue a certificate of attendance and/or certificate of Instant & Rapid Induction Practitioner. We understand that people often have busy schedules which is why we’ve made sure that we we work fast so you can work fast too! We’ve set the training date to be a Sunday and are getting everything you need delivered to you in a single day, in a place that’s convenient for you to participate from.

The training will take place on Sunday 22nd May 2022 10am-5pm BST (British summer time)


With only spaces for 20 trainees, this training offers your more personal attention, allowing you to practice the techniques and learn how to apply them in your office. There will also be opportunities to volunteer in live demonstrations.


Complete this course full of confidence in your new skills as you take advantage of the opportunities for practicing and participating in live demonstrations.


Save money on hotels and travelling as you learn from the comfort of your own home. Use that extre saving towards promoting your new skills. You will also have 12 months access to the video replays.

Happy Clients

"I attended Beryl’s live online NLP Practitioner training and it was a fantastic experience. I’ve trained in NLP before & the difference in this course was the years and years of therapy & coaching experience that Beryl has.
She continues to see clients and therefore is able to refer to case studies throughout, which I found particularly helpful. It was so practical too.
I’d definitely recommend it to others."

Claire Wells

NLP Practitioner April 2022

I have recently completed Beryl’s NLP course and I was blown away by the content and learning I experienced. For me this was a massive learning curve and helped me to create that lightbulb moment that I’ve never had before when I’ve completed other course, and brought it all together for me in a way that made perfect sense.
Beryl’s approach and learning style is second to none, she has a Knack of making everything look so easy and wastes no time in getting you to practice your skills with other students which is a huge confidence boost when you see these techniques work.
This course has also taken me a step closer in my own journey of setting up my business and has helped me to change my attitude towards things and given me a different perspective on what I can achieve.
Nicole was also very welcoming and made me feel at ease. She explained what was going to happen each week and set up practice sessions for the group on a regular basis which was really helpful and great for the group to practice techniques that we had learned the week before.
Before the course I was feeling out of my depth as I was not qualified in other therapies like some of the other students so was feeling nervous, however after the first session I had definitely removed those feelings in my mind and realised that we were all there to learn something new.
So for me this was a wonderful experience and highly recommended.

Thank you Beryl

Cal xx

"As a recently qualified hypnotist I am interested in building my skills base to become an emotional intelligence therapist. I chose to study with Beryl Comar because she is a giant in my field. Beryl has 40 years of experience in Hypnotherapy and neurolinguistic programming, multiple qualifications plus a huge wealth of life experiences to make her a rounded practitioner and a skilled, hands on empathetic teacher. With Beryl, learning happens in a conscious and subconscious way by just absorbing and modelling her. I'm very grateful for the opportunity to learn from Beryl. Thanks to Beryl and everyone who made it possible"

Robina Mohammad Sidaway

NLP Practitioner, April 2022

I can highly recommend taking a course with Beryl. I have recently completed her NLP course and it was great. Beryl is a fabulous instructor who brings so much humour, knowledge and personal experience to her teaching.

Sandy Tanner

NLP Practitioner, April 2022