How this Book is Organized

This book is presented in SIX parts:

Section 1

Examines the historic evolution of dentistry, the development of hypnosis as a surgical pain block as compared to chemical anesthetics.


Section 2

Details the physiologic, psychological and sociological aspects affecting Hypnodontics, both from a dental practitioner’s and a dental patient’s point of view.

Section 3

Advice on how s/he can use hypnosis as an everyday tool, for self, staff and patients.

Section 4

We describe the growth of teeth from infancy along with some of the concerns of tooth development in growing children.

Section 5

case histories from the authors and contributing consulting hypnotists from around the world their contact information can be found in the Appendix

Section 6

Helpful script samples. Always with the caveat that an excellent consulting hypnotist will have more advanced techniques in his or her toolbox (regression to cause, parts therapy among others).
Hypnosis for Dentistry


A Manual for Dentists and Hypnotists

Beryl Comar shares with you how HYPNODONTICS: A Manual for Dentists and Hypnotherapists came to be born.

How it Began

I began looking for the published material and found there was little information published for dentists and, in contacting other consulting hypnotists, found that most had dealt with few dental cases.

This seemed strange as Dave Elman had trained dentists in the 1960s, and his book “Hypnotherapy” had been studied and used by me for over twelve years. It was my “hypnosis bible” and I had used his techniques for countless dental clients. I had trained with Gerald Kein, who himself was trained by Dave Elman, and widely recognized as one of the leading instructors of clinical hypnosis.

It was only natural that I would turn to him for guidance and I am thankful for his generous advice in reviewing the first drafts and releasing material for inclusion.

The objective of this book

Is to show you how easily Hypnodontics can change dental practice.

It will renew approaches to helping people with easily resolved anxieties and habits, and it will invigorate your interest in this fascinating mind science … and it all starts with most basic of uplifting human emotions … the smile – both yours and those of your “fixed” clients and patients!

Whether dentist, consulting hypnotist or patient – We wish you the very best in your new direction!

Hypnodontics Training